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Forfatter Melding
InnleggSkrevet: 22 Nov 2014, 00:23 
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Registrert: 20 Mai 2014, 23:28
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Hi Every one!!
First something about me. I an here since mai this year. I started learning Norwegian, but it wasn't so easy. I'm from Poland and I'm learning norwegian, but now it's quite hard to write or reading in Norwegian. Sorry for that. I didn't read everything because i don't understand everything yet, but iIm trying to read it day by day.
I'm coming to Norway to Bodø area in January. And I'm looking for someone who knows this area very good. I would like to meet you guys, because I like bushcraft as you and I would like to learn something new from you.
When we will be in Røkland I would like to try to build a wilderness sauna.
Anyone would like to try do it with me? I'm looking for a local people who want to join me :) Do you know some good places for a camp fire near Røkland?
Maybe is here someone from Bodø or Saltdal?

Please write me a message (in english yet) I have few questions about camp fire in a forests and staying in the forest.
Could you help me, please?

Thanks a lot!!
Kasia - włóczęga ;)

_________________ :)

InnleggSkrevet: 24 Nov 2014, 22:08 

Registrert: 14 Mar 2012, 05:05
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Bosted: Bodø
just ask and i'll try to answer as good as possible.

InnleggSkrevet: 29 Nov 2014, 16:22 
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Registrert: 20 Mai 2014, 23:28
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Thanks Steffen :)

I have few questions:
Is it legal to make a camp fire somewhere in the forest? I mean somewhere near river and not in a National Park ofcourse.

1. We will have accommodation in Røkland „Nordnes-Camp” 21-23.01.2015. We want to hiking from Røkland to Jordbruhytta.
- How long does it takes to hiking there? How far is it?
- Does anyone want to join us to go there?
- Is there (near camping) some place where we can make a camp fire and try to build this wilderness sauna (survival sauna)?
2. On 23/24.01.2015 we will be in Bodø.
- There is a Camping Bodøsjoen, is it opened in winter? I wrote them en e-mail, but nobody has answer me for my e-mail..
- Are there some other camping with cabins, where we could stay?
- Where we could hiking near Bodø?
- Anyone would like to join us? :)
3. On 24-25.01.2015 we will be in Moskenes (Lofoten)
- Is there some trails good for hiking?
- Do you heve some online maps for this area?
- Is it possible to do the Ice Swimming in the sea?

I will be thankful for all your questions :)
Thanks a lot :)
and I hope we will met somewhere, some day... (nor jeg skal snakke norsk) ;)

_________________ :)

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Opprett et nytt emne Svar på emnet  [ 3 innlegg ] 

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